Fast response times
Because we utilize remote control software, we are able to quickly address any problem that may occur without the need to send a tech onsite. The utilization of weekly, after-hours maintenance windows means that we perform normal maintenance processes on your network when workers are not present. This proactive, off site maintenance helps to minimize your network’s down time due to an unexpected failure.
Certified Technicians
Our help desk uses a pool of certified technicians to provide technical support to your business. We require that all T3 technicians spend a minimum of 10 years working in a strong business IT environment prior to joining our team. The upper level support and system engineers have a minimum of 15 years "OJT" prior to becoming team members.
Latest Technology
We are committed to learning about new technologies as they become available then researching the potential for our customers. This commitment means that your business’s technology will not stagnate or become obsolete. You will also avoid finding yourself with a technology that is neither reliable nor supported.
Contact Us
We use multiple forms of communication so that you can always get in touch with us. You can reach us via phone, Skype, email, chat, text, IM, and our custom built ticketing system.
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