We want to be your Information Technology Partner!


It is important to have a support partner who understands the needs of the small to medium-sized business. Remote IT 4 SMB understands that if your system is down, it can be costly to your business in terms of sales, operations, and customer service.

As your partner, we will work hard to minimize these costly disruptions and have your mission critical systems back up and running in the quickest possible time.


What Will We Do For You?

  • Help you Track your IT Fixed Assets
  • Provide you with Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE)
  • Provide you with Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)
  • Provide you with Cisco Certified Network Associates and Professionals (CCNA and CCNP)
  • Unlimited Telephone Support (Help Desk)
  • Unlimited Remote Support (Proactive Monitoring, Patching, Problem Solving)
  • Unlimited Emergency call-out
  • Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity
  • Give you a Dedicated Account Technician
  • Work as a Vendor Liaison
  • Develop and Grow your Network
  • Consult with you Free of Charge about Minor or Major Changes
  • Design and Plan New Installations
  • Provide you with Break Fix Solutions
  • Carry out Upgrades and Migrations
  • Backup and Secure your Data
  • Assist with day to day IT activities
  • Provide Fixed Monthly Fees
  • Give you Peace of Mind

Additional Services:
Remote IT 4 SMB can provide all of the following:

  • Design or Reconfigure your network to give you the maximum performance.
  • Isolate bottle necks or individual machines which may require greater data transfer rates.
  • Join sites together to form one network so your end users can share resources.
  • Organize the installation of leased lines, ADSL, SDSL or Business Class Cable to facilitate a connection to the Internet or a remote site.
  • Install or backup lines to prevent any downtime in case of a line failure.
  • Recover your email and data in the event of server or hardware failure.
  • Recommend or implement various methods to ensure your system is always available using technologies like clustering, load balancing and redundancy.
  • Provide extensive and up-to-date information and advice on Microsoft licensing practices. Our software deployment service has been developed to offer you fast and relevant Microsoft software implementation across your network.
  • Create a corporate standard using Microsoft operating systems, applications and oter 3rd party software. Without these standards in place, users may install software that is not mission-critical and may affect the stability of their individual machine and the overall network.
  • Custom Build you desktops, laptops and servers to fit your business needs.
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